Creative Multimedia Training and Presentations

RSI is a leader in on-line, on-demand, interactive audio-video multimedia streaming for training and presentations, creating an effective, convenient, flexible anywhere-anytime learning environment.  Creating and delivering the message effectively includes:

  • Custom – Configured websites and graphics
  • Interactive sites and custom graphics
  • Online Streaming
  • Managed Multimedia content
  • eLearning and interactive multimedia training
  • Multimedia CD’s

Using the above technologies, we have developed an on line, on demand, interactive multimedia (video/audio/content integration) streaming process for training and presentations. This anywhere/anytime convenient learning process helps create a highly flexible and effective learning environment.

The benefits of multimedia presentations:

  • Easily accessible by anyone/anywhere
  • Cost of users’ time in training / assembling a team (lost opportunity costs)
  • Geographic distribution to large users
  • Scheduling appointments, meetings are lowered hence saving time
  • Operational Benefits i.e. registration, wait-list & participant communications
  • Review and reference all available material
  • Reusability & update of the content and material
  • Production & Distribution cost of Print material
  • Inventory, Coordination and Timely Delivery cost
  • Reduction in Travel related costs
  • Presenters are able to add a personal touch

Technology Used:                                    

• Flash MX
• Director
• Flash Products
• Lingo
• AR
• PhotoShop
• Dreamweaver
• Video Capture
• Adobe Products
• 3D Animation tools
• Audio Production
• DeBabelizer
• Speculat Collage
• Web Master 3D
• MIDI Production
• Corel
• Sound Forge
• QuickTime
• Apple Mac
• Elastic Reality
• JavaScript
• Vecta3D
• Content management
• Video Compression tools
• Microsoft products