Widely regarded in the IT arena Ramsoft Systems helps its global client base connect with the talent that can make a positive difference in their organizations. Our company currently delivers its RPO services around the world and continues to expand its global reach through an extensive network of offices in multiple countries. With RPO programs designed to balance clients’ internal and external talent resource supply chains and maximize momentum, our company is able to drive cost effectiveness and skills optimization throughout all of its RPO engagements. In addition, the recruitment solutions offered by Ramsoft Systems are fully scalable and flexible and include all aspects of the recruitment continuum, from sourcing and selection to on boarding.

As you know that Corp-to-Corp is an age old model, if that is still working OK, the industry would not be embracing the RPO model as the VMS systems/model is encroaching, the time for submissions is being reduced as more vendors are in the play.  And there are a lot of resumes also need to throw at it and the cost effectiveness also is an issue. Even a few hours can make a difference in the recruiting in getting to the right candidates.

RPO – dedicated recruiters assigned to work with your recruiters with their direct involvement….distributing the requirements when it is the right time to work and the prioritizing.  Recruiters would be dedicated and answerable to more than one level of (yours/ours) management, who can monitor, manage and direct.  As a committed process, there will also be good knowledge transfer to the recruiters, so we can expect a good outcome and recruiters are more informed and effective. RPO model means building an extension of a supplemental recruiting team to help improve the efficiency of your current team.

RPO is a fast-growing, proven, and successful model. Ramsoft has a database of over 500,000+ internal candidates. Our prices competitive and comprehensive pricing includes cost of labor and infrastructure (internet, phone, table, computer, etc).