Difference Between System Admin and System Engineer

There is quite a difference in a Network Systems Engineer & System Administrator. You can consider the Engineer the actual architect of the said Network. Engineers are the people who are responsible for the “from scratch” work. Such as designing the physical and logical lay-out of the network. Designing & Implementing these plans to properly setup the lay-out of a network. While a Systems Administrator takes these existing lay-outs and is responsible for the actual administration & managing of the existing network. Administrators are usually responsible for things such as setting up the Users accounts, assigning permissions to these users and over-all performing the day-to-day operations within the network to ensure the network maintains stability and consistency to optimize network performance. An example of these in educational terms would be an MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator) & MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer). Think of the System Engineer as the person who is responsible for laying the foundation of the network and seeing that is put together piece by piece properly to ensure a fully functional network. Then afterwards, the Administrator is responsible for carrying out the daily routines & all other activities involved in administrating the already put-together network.