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Ramsoft Competative Advantages

With a reputation for standing by our commitments and for going the extra mile, Ramsoft Systems, Inc (RSI) approach to client satisfaction is simple – We guarantee it.

To maintain this claim, RSI uses a variety of Service Levels and related measurements to provide management insight and continuous process improvement for our customer engagements. Although different customers may demand specific service levels, typically our methods and management practices provide for measurement in three fundamental areas:

  • Customer Satisfaction and Quality Assurance
  • Benchmarks of Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Operational Service Levels

Service Levels in this category can include various  measures  of the degree to which  RSI services conform to customer expectations and requirements. Typical measures include:

Customer Satisfaction Index – Based on a semi-annual survey of customer satisfaction, administered by a joint customer/Ramsoft team established to provide oversight for Quality functions. RSI has developed customer satisfaction surveys to address functional and business processes as well as overall assessment of the customer relationship.
Reliability Measures – This can include any of a number of measures of system availability, up-time/down-time, or mean time to failure (MTTF). Reliability measures focus on the degree to which RSI consistently provides services that conform to customer requirements and specification.